Ten business benefits of an online community

May 7, 2009

Companies have a lot to gain from creating their own online community.  Here are the top 10 reasons:

  1. Website that is interactive and adds value
  2. Learn and understand your customers and their needs
  3. Create brand Loyalty
  4. Collaboration between your customers – help each other
  5. Power of communication
  6. Promote your products and services
  7. Better visibility on Search Engines that results in increased website traffic
  8. Educate customers with a power of community media
  9. Reduced support calls
  10. Select qualified users for product testing / service feedback/ survey

14 tips for Website Optimization

April 4, 2009

Some following tips are derived from the book High Performance Web Sites (O’Reilly) by Steve Souders:

  1. Make fewer HTTP requests to reduce object overhead.
  2. Use a content delivery network.
  3. Add an Expires header.
  4. Gzip/compress text components.
  5. Put stylesheets at the top in the head.
  6. Put scripts at the bottom of the body.
  7. Avoid CSS expressions which are CPU-intensive and can be evaluated frequently.
  8. Make JavaScript and CSS files external.
  9. Reduce Domain Name System (DNS) lookups to reduce the overhead of DNS delay by splitting lookups between two to four unique hostnames.
  10. Minify JavaScript.
  11. Avoid redirects which slow performance. It’s better to CNAME or alias.
  12. Remove duplicate scripts to eliminate extra HTTP requests in Internet Explorer.
  13. Configure ETags for sites hosted on multiple servers. FileETag none in Apache removes Etags to avoid improper cache validation.
  14. Make Ajax cacheable and small to avoid unnecessary HTTP requests.

Top PHP Frameworks

April 2, 2009

1. Yii

2. CodeIgniter

3. CakePHP

4. PHPDevShell

5. Akelos

6. Symfony

7. Prado

8. Zend

9. ZooP

10. QPHP

11 . PHP on Track

12. The Zoop Framework

Six basic steps in SEO that converts traffic to business

April 1, 2009

  • Business Understanding
    • Understand the client’s business.  If the SEO team does not understand what the  client is all about then it probably is not going to make a big success. If your client is in the real estate business, then your team should know basics of the real estate business. If they don’t understand the difference between a Realtor, agent and broker, they probably cannot do adequate research on keywords and may not link the site in appropriate places.
  • Targeted Marketing.
    • It is very important to learn the market that the client is focusing on. Rather than focusing on keywords that have high search volume, it is better to focus on keywords that actually bring some business. For example, the keyword “SEO” may be searched more times than “Austin SEO”. However, people who search the term “SEO” may be doing it just for learning purposes. You can be sure when someone searches “Austin SEO” they are actually looking for someone in Austin who can do SEO.
  • Competitive Intelligence
    • Know your client’s competitors. What are they doing? Who is linking to their website(s)? Where do they rank for each keyword? Once you find out these things then you can easily come up with a strategy to outperform them.
  • Fixing the Website
    • This involves several processes.  The better you optimize the website the sooner you get some ranking on the search engines. Keep in mind that the website has to have a balance of key words that satisfy the search engines and the users who read it.
      • Rewrite the contents with targeted keywords.
      • Fix the titles, Meta tags etc. Write better algorithms for dynamic pages. Make the titles unique.
      • Add title and alt tags wherever possible.
      • Add a Sitemap
      • Above all, make the site readable and easy to navigate for user.
  • Link Building
    • Link building is not for the sake of getting inbound links but getting quality traffic. Adding the website to proper categories of relevant business directories with appropriate information is significant. That’s why it is important to understand the business. If you know where the potential customers are looking for your client, then that’s where you should target your links, write blogs, add videos and so forth. Do not spam links on places where the business does not fit or  could make the community mad.
  • Traffic Analysis and Goal Conversion
    • Install tools like Google Analytics. Improving ranking is significant for SEO, however, measuring the traffic and setting the goals is what actually helps the business. Watch where and how the traffic comes.  Is it coming from blogs, directories, other sites, or was it direct traffic?
    • Now that you are getting traffic,  is it being  converted into deals? How many minutes does your user spend on your site? Which pages are they staying on longer and which pages are they leaving from?. All of these things are important to know in order to convert your traffic into actual business deals.

List of Java Web Frameworks

August 22, 2007
  1. Action Framework
  2. AppFuse
  3. Baritus
  4. Barracuda
  5. Bento
  6. Bishop
  7. Cameleon
  8. Canyamo
  9. Cassandra
  10. Chiba
  11. Click
  12. Cocoon
  13. Dinamica
  14. Dovetail
  15. Echo
  16. Expresso
  17. Folium
  18. Genie
  19. GWT
  20. Helma
  21. Jacquard
  22. Jaffa
  23. Japple
  24. JATO
  25. JBanana
  26. Jeenius
  27. JFormular
  28. JPublish
  29. JSF
  30. jStatemachine
  31. Jucas
  32. JWAA
  33. JWarp
  34. jZonic
  35. Macaw
  36. Maverick
  37. Melati
  38. Millstone
  39. MyFaces
  40. Nacho
  41. Niggle
  42. OpenEmcee
  43. OXF
  44. RIFE
  45. Scope
  46. Shocks
  47. Smile
  48. SOFIA
  49. Spring MVC
  50. Stripes
  51. Struts
  52. SWF
  53. Tapestry
  54. TeaServlet
  55. ThineWire
  56. Turbine
  57. Verge
  58. Waffle
  59. Warfare
  60. WebOnSwing
  61. WebWork
  62. wingS
  63. Xoplon

Call and get direction on cell phone.

July 20, 2007

How nice that would be to call on the go and get direction as a text message?

Dial Directions offers this free service currently in New York, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Step 1:  Call  DIR-ECT-IONS   (347-328-4667)

Step 2:  Say, Where you are and the place where you are going.

Step 3:  Receive the driving directions by text message.

Dial Directions says it is compatible with any cell phone. 

Tips to Avoid Web Form SPAM

June 30, 2007

Web forms are now a routine target of spammers. Whether your web site is a personal one just looking for feedback or a commercial site generating sales leads, getting dozens of entries for link exchanges or online gambling sites isn’t anyone’s idea of useful feedback
It can be really disturbing when you started to getting lots of useless SPAM through the web form on your site. 

Is there something we can do about it?

Luckily, the answer is yes.

I found few interesting articles.

Method 1:

Checking for the value of HTTP_USER_AGENT, if it is empty that means it is not from any browser. 

Method 2:

Simple, but powerful. Having an extra text box but make it invisible using CSS, check if the textbox has any value in your server script. If the text box has a value in it, that means it is not a regular user’s input.

The demo page is here