Blog Search Engines

There is an interesting Podcast comparing several Blog Search Engines.  The Author compares most of the major, established and emerging Blog Search Engines. Also, searches for the word “Viozxx”, drafts a comparison table based on the number of results; freshness of the result; first spam result number and ranks them.

Site Results Freshness First Spam Grade
Google 325,312 4 h 30 A-
Yahoo 89 7.5 h 14 C
Ask 30,700 1 h 19 B+
Gigablast 41 Dec 2005 none D
IceRocket 51,301 1 h 20 A
Clusty 248 49 min 13 B
Technorati 14,584 39 min 9 B
Sphere 38,359* 42 min 8 B
Blogpulse 8,348 1 day 19 B
Blogdigger 5,691 2 h 20 C

2 Responses to Blog Search Engines

  1. girish says:

    watch which has simmillar topic video clippings

  2. lloyd says:

    yeah really canaravideo is the nice revolutionary video website…everybody has to watch it….

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