Ten business benefits of an online community

May 7, 2009

Companies have a lot to gain from creating their own online community.  Here are the top 10 reasons:

  1. Website that is interactive and adds value
  2. Learn and understand your customers and their needs
  3. Create brand Loyalty
  4. Collaboration between your customers – help each other
  5. Power of communication
  6. Promote your products and services
  7. Better visibility on Search Engines that results in increased website traffic
  8. Educate customers with a power of community media
  9. Reduced support calls
  10. Select qualified users for product testing / service feedback/ survey

Disable F1 Key in IE (Internet Explorer)

March 1, 2007

document.onhlep=new Function(“return false”);
window.onhelp=new Function(“return false”);

Free FTP Tool

November 13, 2006

FireFTP is a free FTP tool which comes as a Firefox extension. Of course, you need install Firefox first to run FireFTP.

You can find more information about Firefox installation here.

If you are not familiar with Firefox extensions follow their FAQ section


Although it is a free tool the author accepts donations for his charity Project .